Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yahoo Domain

Domain Name is a lot more than you might think.  Your domain can be your first impression and your new marketing plan. You have to learn more about it and why you should take the time to choose good one for yourself and how to go about it.
Domain Name is an address for the internet. It helps people find your website. Just as homes and businesses have street addresses, all websites have domain names. The Yahoo! Domain name is A domain name is made up of two parts, typically preceded by www. using as an example.
The first part is a unique name that represent website, yahoo.
The second part, .com is the extension and stands for commercial. There are many available though like .com, .net, .biz, .info, .edu, .uk and .us are the most popular the most popular extensions.
A good name helps  you in numerous ways which are:-
For Business
   Add your domain name to your business card, email and other advertisement
    .Build credibility because  it shows your customers that you have established business
     .Improve your marketing because it provide customers an easy way to remember and contact you
     .Protect your brand by securing the domain name that best represent your business name and keep it out of the hands of your competitor
For Consumers
   Describe your as best as you can with your domain name.
Keep these tips in mind as you select your domain name:-
1- Your domain should reflect your business name, or topic your site will cover.
2-  It should be a unique and concise name that is easy to say, remember and spell.
3-  You can use only letters, numbers and hyphens in your domain name. Spaces or other symbols are not allowed
4-  If your first choice isn't available, try arranging the word order, adding hyphens or using abbreviations or locations to come up with unique alternative.
    Once you have a domain name, you need a website. It is easy to add Yahoo! services that help you build a full website or open an online store.

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